The Morvan is located in Burgundy, or more precisely in Burgundy-Franche-Comté. This region is known for its vast vineyards and delicious cuisine. However, you will not find vineyards in the Morvan (if at all) due to the hard granite soil. However, you can enjoy the Burgundian life in the various restaurants, taste the history in one of the 20 museums and ecomuseums, and take pleasure in walking around the various characteristic towns


Autun, Vézelay, Avallon, Beaune and even Dijon, a little further away, are cities worth visiting.

In Beaune, there is a whole system of corridors under the city with barrels filled with wine. Book your visit to the winery Patriarche Père et Fils, 240 years old. In Autun, you will discover Roman history, several museums and the old domed prison. Visit the website  to find a lot of information and the current calendar of activities in Autun and the surrounding area.


The Bibracte Museum exhibits archaeological pieces to admire and learn about the life of the Celts. At Bibracte, discover the Gallic city under the forest.

In Alligny-en-Morvan is the museum of the Nourrices. The nannies are part of the identity of the Morvan. A special history lesson.

The Morvan had a strategic importance in times of war. Several memorials are to be discovered as well as a museum of the resistance: museum of the resistance.


Many castles in the Morvan are privately owned. However, many families open their castles (partially) to the public during the summer. The castle of Bazoches can even be visited all year long.

Other castles are the castle of Saint-Lèger, the castle of Besne and the castle of Chastellux.

And would you like to discover how a castle was built in the past? With medieval techniques and materials, the

castle of Guédelon is built.

Eating and drinking

For almost all restaurants, it is best to make a reservation. Tastes differ. But these tips will take you a big step forward when it comes to eating well.

There are currently 2 restaurants in Ouroux-en-Morvan:

the Lion d'Or hotel   and the Sports Bar (where we do not watch any sport). These are within walking distance of the Ambiance. Every Monday, a pizza cart offers a wide choice of delicious pizzas. Again, just order your pizza by phone: Le Rétro Camion Pizza 1972.

Between 15 and 20 minutes drive, you will find La Recycl  in Lormes in a former garage, the Italian cuisine at Bar Joe Lounge Caffe or the restaurant and Bottle Shop Odessa   in a former school building. In Planchez, you will find Le Relais des Lacs   and La P'tite Millette . A little further south towards Mont Beuvray and Bibracte, you will find the Petite Auberge   of Chris and Jill in Glux-en-Glenne.


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