For people of all ages there are places to visit and things to here in the region.

For water sports enthusiasts:

  • Lac de Panneciere with beaches. And a beautifull little model of the Barrage.
  • Lac des Settons with beaches and aquatics. Tour boat on the lake.
  • Rafting on the Cure
  • Little lake in Lormes
  • Saut de Gouloux (waterfall)
  • Au Canal de Nivernais you’ll find 16 lock all to be operated manually in order for the boats to pass.
  • Canoe rentals at Mouron sur Yonne. Also horse riding and walking with donkeys.

Fot mountainbikers there is a trail GTM through the Morvan.

You can rent electric bikes by the campsite “Les Genets” in Ouroux en Morvan.

Museums and castles: 

  • Guédelon, where a castle is built as it was done in the Middle Ages, is absolutely a must. There you can discover all crafts of this period.
  • Chateau de Bazoches
  • Chateau de Chastellux
  • Musée Bibracte, for excavations and other discoveries of a Gallic town Bibracte is more than worth a visit. This museum is located on the Mont Beuvray and during the season there are guided tours.
  • Musée de resistence at Parc St. Brisson
  • Musée de Nourices at Alligny en Morvan
  • Les Grottes at d’Arcy sur Cure
  • Abbaye Saint-Marie de la Pierre-qui-vivre
  • Temple de 1000 Bouddhas
  • Le sabotterie de Gouloux

Towns and other area worth a visit are:

  • Dijon (capital of the Burgondy)
  • Beaune (with the ’Hospice de Beaune’)
  • Vézelay (place of pilgrimage with a magnificent basilica St. Madeleine)
  • Avallon (old town)
  • Autun (old roman town with the church St. Lazare and a view on ‘Croix Mission’)
  • Chablis (viniculture)
  • Maison du Tourisme des Grands Lacs à Settons
  • Parc St. Brisson (maison du Parc du Morvan), with all kinds of information about the Morvan
  • Dolmes de Chevresse
  • Haute Folin
  • Parc adventure des Chattelaines à Avallon
  • Uchon, ‘Perle du Morvan’, with a great panorama